RAITA JYOTHI For Agricultural Revolution

Raita Jyothi is a GSM based controller, which allows the farmer to control the agricultural motor using his mobile or landline from the comforts of his home. It is specifically designed to change the way the farmer interacts with motors. Raita Jyothi is an easy to use and economical communication device, which enables a farmer to operate his motor pump set from anywhere through his mobile or landline. What’s more – it can be fitted to all the existing motor starters and used with mobiles or landlines of any operator.

In India more than 80% of population believes their lives with agriculture. Now-a-days farmers are facing so many problems to switch on/off pump sets. Some of the problems are:

Physical effort and inconvenience:

1)Farmers have to travel to fields often at odd hours just to switch ON/OFF the motor due to erratic power supply.

2)They often face the risk of wild animals, snakes, hazardous terrain and electric shocks while traveling to the fields in the dark and on a rainy day.

3)Existing aids like auto-starters are unreliable and incapable of communicating the operating state of the motor.

4)Where a farmer has more than one motor pump set; he has to run around to make sure that all the motor pumps are working when the power is available.

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Where we can use this mobile starter?

1.It can be fix with existing BCH, L&T LK or any local make DOL air break contact push button starter.

2.It can be fix with custom made panel board.

3.It can be fix with existing star-delta starter.

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